What do Swedes put on top of their Christmas tree?

What do Swedes put on top of their Christmas tree?

In the heart of Scandinavia, Christmas is not just a celebration; it’s a timeless tradition brimming with unique customs. One of the most enchanting aspects is the meticulous decoration of Christmas trees. Today, we delve into the captivating world of Swedish Yuletide festivities, specifically exploring the question that piques curiosity globally: What do Swedes put on top of their Christmas tree?

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A Glimpse into Swedish Christmas Tree Decor

Traditional Tree Decorations

In Sweden, the adornment of Christmas trees is a cherished practice that dates back centuries. Families come together to embellish the evergreen symbol with an array of ornaments, ranging from delicate glass baubles to handcrafted heirlooms passed down through generations. Lights, tinsel, and straw decorations contribute to the festive splendor, creating a breathtaking spectacle within Swedish households.

The Culminating Moment: Tree Topper Revelation

As the tree nears completion, the spotlight shifts to the crowning glory—the tree topper. This final touch holds immense significance in Swedish culture, symbolizing the culmination of the festive preparations. So, what takes pride of place atop the Christmas tree in Sweden?

The Star of the Show: A Swedish Tradition

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A Radiant Star

In Sweden, it’s the timeless Christmas star that graces the summit of the adorned tree. This celestial symbol holds both religious and cultural significance, representing the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men to the birthplace of Jesus. Crafted from various materials, including wood, metal, or even straw, the Christmas star captures the essence of Swedish Christmas traditions.

Symbolic Illumination

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Christmas star in Sweden serves as a luminous beacon, illuminating the festive spirit that permeates the season. Families gather around the tree, basking in the warm glow emanating from the star, fostering a sense of togetherness and joy.

Crafting the Perfect Christmas Star

Artistry and Creativity

The crafting of the Christmas star in Sweden is an art form in itself. Artisans and DIY enthusiasts alike engage in the creation of unique and personalized stars. From intricate designs with multiple points to minimalist interpretations, the diversity of Christmas stars mirrors the individuality of each household, adding a personal touch to the festive display.

Handing Down Traditions

In many Swedish families, the act of creating the Christmas star is a cherished tradition passed down through the ages. Grandparents teach grandchildren the art of crafting these radiant symbols, fostering a sense of continuity and connection to heritage.

The Allure of Tradition: Why the Christmas Star Prevails

Cultural Resonance

The enduring popularity of the Christmas star in Sweden can be attributed to its deep-rooted cultural resonance. Beyond its religious connotations, the star embodies a sense of hope, guiding Swedes through the winter darkness towards the promise of brighter days ahead.

Embracing Diversity

While the Christmas star remains a steadfast tradition, Sweden, true to its progressive spirit, also embraces diversity. Some households may opt for alternative tree toppers, including angels, gnomes, or even custom creations. However, the prevalence of the Christmas star underscores its timeless appeal and cultural significance.

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FAQs About Swedish Christmas Tree Toppers

Q1: Is the Christmas star the only tree topper used in Sweden?

A1: While the Christmas star is the most traditional choice, some Swedish households opt for alternative toppers such as angels, gnomes, or custom creations.

Q2: What materials are commonly used to craft Christmas stars?

A2: Christmas stars in Sweden can be crafted from various materials, including wood, metal, and straw, allowing for a wide range of artistic expression.

Q3: Is the act of crafting Christmas stars a widespread tradition?

A3: Yes, the tradition of crafting Christmas stars is widespread in Swedish families, often passed down through generations as a cherished practice.

Q4: Are there regional variations in the choice of Christmas tree toppers?

A4: While the Christmas star remains prevalent nationwide, some regional variations may see unique toppers reflective of local customs and artistic preferences.


As we unwrap the layers of Swedish Christmas traditions, the prominence of the Christmas star atop the tree emerges as a symbol of unity, tradition, and luminous hope. Whether crafted with meticulous precision or adorned with sentimental value, the Christmas star in Sweden encapsulates the essence of a festive season filled with warmth and togetherness.

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